Quawins V-Stick Pro Kit

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The Quawins Pro Vstick Pod Kit is an innovative pod device with no buttons. The Quawins Vstick Pro is equipped with a powerful 400mAh built-in battery to support your whole day vaping and 2ml e-juice capacity. 

This device has one very unique difference that puts it in another league to any other pod device; The Filter!

Replacement filters available here.

The Quawins V-Stick Pro has an incredibly unique feature to make it stand out against any other pod device available on the market. The filter is an optional attachment that can be connected into the top of the device, this filter is shaped like the filter of a cigarette to give the exact same mouth-feel and to reduce the hit of the device to allow for an experience that feels like a cigarette, pair this with a tobacco flavour and it will provide the best cigarette replication in any e-liquid vape device. The filters are purely an optional choice and are not necessary to enjoy the Quawins V-Stick Pro.

It offers an intelligent vibration system to help you keep track of what your device is doing. It will vibrate once when you attach your pod correctly to tell you its ready to work. On top of this, it will also vibrate for 1 second every 20 puffs so not only can you keep track of your intake, but also keep track of your battery.

Included in the kit:

  • 1 x Quawins V-Stick Pro Device
  • 1 x Quawins V-Stick Pro Pod
  • 2 x Filters
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB-C Cable