Twiisto 100ml

Type: e-liquid

Berry Burst Lemonade – All of your favourite fresh berries combined to make this sweet, quench thirsting lemonade liquid.


Classic Crush Lemonade – This isn’t just any ordinary lemonade, this is Classic Crush lemonade! Leaving those taste buds Tingling.


Exotic Punch Lemonade – Ripe Peaches, Juicy pineapple and sweet crunchy apples. This liquid is sure to be your favourite summer time vape.


Melon Madness Lemonade – Packed with the best juicy, ripe, mouthwatering melons all in one fantastic E-Liquid.


Strawberry Splash Lemonade – Sweet strawberry and lemonade perfectly blended and leaving you wanting more!


Krispy Kiwi Lemonade – Sour but sweet kiwi and lemonade, if you like kiwi, then you will love this!


Blue Mist Lemonade – Packed with flavour, full of those sweet, tangy tasting blue berries mixed with lemonade. A perfect all day vape.


Tropical Twist Lemonade – This flavour will send you all the way to the Bahamas. Sweet, zingy  Grapefruit and zesty lemons combined to make the perfect blend of sunshine in a bottle.

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