Twisted Lollies 100mg

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Type: e-liquid

Twisted Lollies Raspberry Apple Blackberry N Lemon -A twisted sweet and sour mix of tangy raspberry sorbet wrapped around a creamy Vanilla Ice cream. With swirls of Blackberry and Lemon Ice, The flavours work so well with the added icy cool sensation.


Twisted Lollies Blackcurrant Vanilla Strawberry - This is what happens when you envelop a smooth creamy Vanilla ice cream with a twisted juicy mix of Blackcurrant & Strawberry Sorbet that just shouts fruity vibes. A perfect compliment to a summer’s day finished with a subtle ice exhale.


Twisted Lollies Strawberry Pineapple Lemon N Lime - Creamy Vanilla ice cream with a twist of juicy Pineapple, Lemon and Lime Sorbet with a sweet tangy Strawberry centre. Enjoy the perfect cooling exhale on a sweet summers day.


Twisted Lollies Blueberry Apple Melon Strawberry - It’s a summer party in the mouth with a mix of fruity goodness & delicious creamy vanilla ice cream. Enjoy the tropical taste of Melon with crisp Apple whilst the berries drop a juicy hit that’s given a hint of ice.


Twisted Lollies Strawberry Mango - It’s Mango season with a twist of Mango Gelato and swirls of juicy Strawberry with creamy Vanilla ice cream. A sure choice for tropical and Mango lovers with a subtle icy exhale.

Twisted Lollies Cherry Cola - A awesome take on a truly classic flavour of creamy vanilla ice cream, with a swirl of authentic cola and fruity juicy red cherries, you can taste the perfect mix with tis cool and icy exhale.


Twisted Lollies Blue Bubblegum - If you love the taste of classic blue bubblegum…this one is gonna hit the spot. A nostalgic blue candy bubblegum with a twist of creamy Vanilla ice cream with a touch of ice.


Twisted Lollies Blueberry Milk Cherry - A super blend of classic milk lolly with swirls & spirals of sweet Blueberries and juicy Cherries. A really smooth vape experience that just melts with tangy flavour. All finished with a hint of ice.


This is 100ml of 0mg e-liquid, supplied in a 120ml short fill bottle leaving room for 2 x 18mg nicotine shots to make 120ml of 3mg e-juice