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What is Re-Juice, Re-Use, Re-Cycle?

 This is a UK first for vaping, create your own vape juice and when you're done recycle and come back for more!

Receive a discount when you bring back your original bottle for a refill

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What is Mixology?

The definition of the art of Mixology is the study or skill of inventing, preparing, and serving mixed drinks, or cocktails. All mixologists are bartenders, but not all bartenders are mixologists.

In our eyes, a Mixologist is someone who has a passion for the art of e-liquid making, and therefore strives to learn not just how each individual cocktail or mocktail, is made but also why it is made in that way.

Re-Juice Re-Use Re-Cycle

How to become a Mixologist

The beauty of Mixology lies in the fact almost anyone can become a Mixologist at any time, so long as they are dedicated to mastering the skill and studying the art of mixing different tastes and flavours to make a classic cocktail or perhaps even a brand new eliquid altogether!

Mixology is testament to the desire from people who come up with something new and fresh for an industry that is growing year on year. Liquid Mist put an emphasis on fresh ingredients, the highest quality pre mixed flavours, and we like to think that we represent a time when bartenders were alchemists. It is interesting to note that for every 1 bottle of stock eliquid sold Liquid Mist sell 6 bottles of our Re-juice Re-use Re-cycle bottles.

Liquid Mist accept no responsibility for your Re-Juice Mix and we're unable to offer refunds on your purchase once mixed.

We will select a 60ml or 100ml short-fill bottle design of our choice for your mix.

Master the fundamentals

  1. Stop by and Say Hi at Liquid Mist or Order Online!
  2. Choose your reusable 60ml or 100ml short-fill bottle
  3. Choose from a vast selection of high grade premixed flavours.
  4. Cram as many different flavours in to your creation.
  5. Add nicotine shots if desired.
    Please note nicotine will not be added to your mix but will be sent alongside your order.
  6. Shake n Vape and start to enjoy your latest creation as a Liquid Mist Alchemist.
  7. When you have vaped all your new creation, stop by at Liquid Mist again with your empty bottle and refill with either your first creation or try and cram as many other combinations you can in to another magical flavour.
  8. Receive a discount for using your original short-fill bottle via our Deposit Return Scheme.

Have a go if you think you're good enough - It's time to re-invent the mocktail.

The concept we have come up with is called:

Re-Juice | Re-Use | Re-Cycle

Re-Juice means it will cut back on the amount of plastic going into landfill, and at the same time will give you an experience to come up with the perfect flavoured juice.

Re-Use means that a single bottle saved from landfill will save enough energy to power a light bulb for up to 6 hours.

Re-Cycle means we can start to REDUCE the estimated 13 billion plastic bottles disposed of each year.

FACT : 1 tonne = 25,000 plastic bottles. It's our way of trying to do something positive to Save Our Planet, baby steps yes but if we all get behind the concept not only will you have created a magical e-liquid to vape with, but you will be doing your bit in combating climate change.

Jump on board the Liquid Mist campaign to change.